Posted by: travelrat | October 16, 2016

Travel Theme: Dried


When I hear the word ‘dried’, my first thought is of the foul dehydrated potato they used to serve to the Armed Forces. It was rumoured that they made a huge stockpile of this during the war, and it had to be consumed … which took until the mid-70s to do, because they usually put ‘real’ potatoes on the servery as well, so most people rejected them, and they finished up in the pigswill.

Fast-forward a few years, and I think of those packaged ‘dehyds’ we used to take on camping trips with us. You just ripped open the package, poured into a billy, added water and boiled. But, they didn’t last long … not for me, anyway. I soon discovered that a can of curry or stew didn’t weigh much more, and could be eaten cold when my stove ran out of gas, and I was miles from anywhere.

But, dried camping food isn’t always so bad. A packet of the excellent ‘trail mix’ was always in a handy place in my sac … nuts, dried fruit, raisins, and sometimes, I’d mix in some chocolate peanuts or Smarties. A lot of my friends did that; we called it ‘scran’. Sweets, chocolate, raisins and nuts. (The Navy also use this Northern dialect word, but, in their case, it stands for ‘S*** Cooked by the Royal Navy’)

Even though I don’t camp and hike as much as I used to, there’s often still a packet in the car when we go on a road trip, and invariably some in my carry-on when I fly.

Speaking of carry-ons … when discussing a ‘hand luggage only’ trip, someone once remarked it was a pity they didn’t do ‘dried’ toothpaste or shaving cream. I said they used to, and wondered if they still do it; toothpaste in a solid block, on which you rubbed a wet toothbrush, and a stick of shaving soap, which you applied with a brush,

For many years, dried flowers were a prominent decoration in our house, but they went out of fashion. But, when people remarked on the ‘dried flower’ arrangement we still have, I invite them to take a closer look. Because, it’s actually made of wood!

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