Posted by: travelrat | October 2, 2016

Travel Theme: Sound


Whenever I travel anywhere, there’s usually a little audio recorder among my stuff. It doesn’t see a lot of use, because my video camera can capture a lot of the sounds I come across. Video footage has much more impact if you have a background of buskers, the calls of market traders, the song of the Call to Prayer from a mosque … the list is infinite.

But, there are a few occasions when the sound can stand on its own. I’m old enough to remember when we discussed what was on the radio last night, rather than television. And, I remember once doing some work with the television on in the next room. I got a good idea of what was going on from the sound alone, and we spent the next couple of days discussing whether that was good television or bad.

I also recall almost falling in love with a voice on the radio … only to see a photograph, and be disillusioned because she was old enough to be my mother, and had, to be kind, ‘a good face for radio’.

Earlier on, I made a few attempts at podcasting … you’ll find them if you scroll back far enough … but I wasn’t wholly satisfied with the results. You can’t just embed a sound file into your blog, like you can a video; you need to find a host, and put in a link to your waffling.

But, maybe things have changed in the meantime? Maybe I’ll do a little more research into it?

I sometimes compare audio with photography. Sometimes, colour is not necessary; the picture has much more impact in monochrome, and the emphasis is on the shape, the texture or just the message. Likewise, a sound can stand on its own, without the need of visual cues to interpret it.

I’d like to be able to incorporate some sound into this post; instead, I’ll just put up a couple of pictures of people making sounds!

Busker, Rundle Mall

This week’s contribution to the ‘Travel Theme’ See (and maybe hear) more at


  1. Right! Sounds for us makes up the other half of the Sights and Sounds of all our journeys.

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