Posted by: travelrat | September 13, 2016

Aboriginal Art


I was sitting in the Art Gallery in Adelaide when a friendly volunteer stopped to speak to me. I was looking at a painting called ‘The Sailor Prince’. He said he didn’t know which Prince, and I said, judging by the ships and the uniforms, which looked late 18th/early 19th Century, it was probably the Duke of Clarence … later to become King William IV, after whom King William Street is named.

As regular readers know, I do volunteering myself, and we often find the exchange of information is, like this, two way.

What I’d really come to see, though, was a temporary exhibition of Aboriginal art. Most people will be familiar with it, even those who’ve never been to Australia, and think of the rock paintings and carvings to be found all over the country … some of which cannot be explained, or even, sometimes. seen by anyone outside the tribe.

Then, there’s the more familiar stuff, decorating many a souvenir. Some of it’s pretty authentic, based on actual paintings, but there’s a lot around, painted by the ‘aborigines’ of Taiwan, or somewhere.


This, though, is rather different. It’s more traditional art, crafted by artists who just happen to be First Nations people. But, a lot of their culture still goes into it. Have a look, and see what I mean.


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