Posted by: travelrat | September 4, 2016

Travel Theme: Peaks

Snowdon Mountain Railway

Another subject I like this week! Peaks! I used to do a lot of that … so I should have plenty to discuss here. So, let’s see … when was the last time I was on a peak? Good heavens!  2008!! The time I went hill-walking in the French Alps.

I usually give the excuse that I don’t do as much mountaineering as I used to do because I’ve moved to a fair distance away from the fun stuff; ‘Anno Domini’ has a bit to do with it, too.

But, as the psalm says: ‘I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills’ … it’s not absolutely necessary to haul your boots up there too. You can still admire their form, and consider their slopes with the eye alone. And, if that’s not enough, there are some mountains which you can ride up, rather than walk.

Just an example ,,, the Snowdon Mountain Railway is an exhilarating ride by rack-and-pinion railway to within a few feet of the summit. It roughly follows the Llanberis Track, which is the only track up the mountain I’ve never walked, because it’s also the longest and most tedious, but it’s great to ride.

Or, on a recent visit to Canada, we rode the Banff Gondola, which took us within easy walking distance of Sulphur Mountain, with wide views of Banff, far below, and the surrounding Rocky Mountains. And, at the cableways top station, the famous Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep came foraging for tourist scraps (of which there weren’t many, for this is also bear country, so people are very careful with their trash.)

And, a friendly Ranger pointed out that those sheep were probably the only thing that had walked up the mountain since the Gondola was built!

Sulphur Mountain

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  1. Would love a spin on the Snowdon Mountain Railway! Thanks for introducing me to several new peaks!

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