Posted by: travelrat | August 29, 2016

Durrington Dig

Durrington 2

Durrington Walls: 8th August 2016

Last year, I posted about the discoveries made at the giant earthwork at Durrington Walls, at . It was suggested that a line of stones was buried here. However, it’s subsequently been found that what were first thought to be stones were, in fact, pits which had been filled with rubble.

So, a team of archaeologists, led by Professor Mike Parker Pearson, descended on Durrington Walls to excavate one of them. They believe that the pits were once sockets for wooden posts, which were, at some stage, removed for some reason.

‘There’s no evidence to suggest they just rotted away’ we were told, and that they’d concluded that they were lifted right out, rather than just toppled. Professor Parker Pearson indicated the probable size of the post which once occupied the pit they’d excavated, which suggested it could only be lifted straight out with extreme difficulty.

(I wonder if it’s possible that they used some sort of ‘sheerlegs’ arrangement?)

I just tried to imagine chopping down such a tree with flint axes; they must have wanted those posts really badly!

One of the finds was the discarded tip of an antler pick. This, being organic, can be radio-carbon dated, and give a good idea of when the pits were dug. But, they won’t be publishing their conclusions any time soon; a lot of painstaking lab work needs to be done on what they found.

So, despite the claims of the media that ‘history books are about to be re-written’ … they’re not really! But, we should have more ideas on what life may have been like in those days.

Durrington 1

Prof. Mike Parker Pearson

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