Posted by: travelrat | August 5, 2016

Port River

Port River 2

Port Adelaide: 1st December 2015

They advertise it as the Dolphin Cruise. You usually see dolphins in the Port River, for there’s a resident pod there. It’s a two-hour cruise, but the odd thing is … although we cruised almost down to the sea, we saw most of the dolphins within half a mile of where the boat was moored. Indeed, one pod appeared even before the boat had cast off.

Spotting dolphins isn’t something you just do, then cross off a list. We’ve been on ‘dolphin safaris’ before, but, when the opportunity arises, we go again … and again …

It was rather cold, with occasional showers, but there was an enclosed cabin. My chosen ‘pitch’ on the open foredeck was fairly sheltered from the worst of the weather, and did allow slightly better photography. We did see dolphins, but I didn’t get any good pictures or video … but seeing them is the main thing.

Port River 3

It probably wouldn’t, therefore, be an altogether satisfactory experience if the prime objective was to photograph dolphins, but there’s much more to see besides. The skeletal remains of bygone business, and the occasional ship steaming down the river to Port Adelaide. But, there are still a few undeveloped tracts, making a haven for birdlife.

Port Adelaide

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