Posted by: travelrat | July 29, 2016

Elder Park

Elder Park 2

Quite often, we’re told how much Adelaide has changed since we were last here. We point out that we were only here three years ago, but there has still been many changes.

The most obvious one if the Riverside Bridge, a footbridge which passes over Torrens Lake and joins two Adelaide icons (it says here!) … the Casino and the Adelaide Oval. At the Oval end is a charming artificial waterfall, and at the other end, a maze. Well, it’s officially called the Festival Hall, but I challenge anyone to find their way through it first time.

Elder Park 3

The Festival Hall stands right by Elder Park, which is just a part of the parkland which designer William Light suggested should completely surround the CBD, and this is where a lot of stuff happens. When it’s not being used for festivals and the like, it’s where people go to jog, walk, hang out or just take the air.

Or, maybe take a boat ride on Torrens Lake … formed by damming a rather insignificant creek with the chutzpah to call itself a ‘river’. I compare it with Madrid, of where someone once said ‘They should sell the bridge … or buy a river!’

 But, comparisons with Madrid are soon replaced by comparisons with Venice, when we see people being propelled around Torrens Lake in … a gondola!

Elder Park 1


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