Posted by: travelrat | July 24, 2016

Travel Theme: Pairs

VT Pandeli

Back in the days when I worked for a living, and had to wear a uniform, my main complaint was:

‘I have 57 black socks in my drawer, but I always have difficulty finding a pair of black socks’

These days, it’s not so important. For younger people, it is (or maybe used to be) fashionable for young people to wear odd socks. Older people who do so are though, sadly, still regarded as eccentric.

(The standard come-back is, of course ‘I have another pair like it at home’)

But, why not? There’s no hard and fast rule about this, just convention. The same convention ‘dictates’ that you must have roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, but, take my word, Yorkshire pudding works equally well with other meats. Pork is almost invariably paired with apple sauce … but I think apricot jam is even better.

We sometimes hear of ‘pairings’, where the ‘experts’ dictate which wine or beer goes best with which food. These can be happily disregarded … just go with the one that works best for you.

It would seem, though, that many people like pairs … indeed, regard them as almost compulsory. That triggers one of my favourite rants. The Single Supplement; ask any single traveller. If it’s a case of single occupancy of a double room, it’s fair enough; the hotelier or travel operator needs to make up in some way for the income lost from the ‘guest who isn’t there’. But, when you get a ‘single room’ in a garret, in which you have to lie on the bed to change your trousers, but still have to pay a ‘single supplement’ which is just this side of larceny … that’s when I get really angry!

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  1. I’m pro-pairs for the most part (socks especially!) But the whole ‘single supplement’ thing is a joke. Miranda Hart had a hilarious skit about the same on her sitcom, where she made a ruckus (and rightly so!) about paying more to travel alone

    • Where I took most exception was being charged a single supplement *for a single room*. (The place wasn’t very nice anyway. I checked out the following day & went elsewhere)

    • What about artificially-imposed food pairings! I’ve been told several times by various people that, for instance, YOU DON’T have roast potatoes with fish, or pasta with steak pie. A ham and cheese sandwich? Unthinkable!

      (The main culprit isn’t with us anymore; I shudder to thing what she’d make of my current favourite, bacon with maple syrup! 🙂

      • Having moved from Canada, I must confess– I am no fan of the bacon and syrup combo. Not for me, am afraid!

        I think food pairings are kind of old fashioned. Like most things in life, I think it all comes down to taste: live and let live, I say!

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