Posted by: travelrat | July 22, 2016


Leeds: 12th June 2016

The other day I did one of those Facebook tick-lists, ‘How many sports have you tried?’ I won’t list them, for fear of boring you, or even say how many, for I don’t want to brag. Let’s just say, I was surprised by the total.

I wasn’t sure whether or not to tick ‘triathlon’, for I did do a ‘sort of’ one back in the 80s. We were up in the Yorkshire Dales, where there wasn’t any convenient open water suitable for the swimming stage, so we did kayaking instead. Most of us competed in ‘Tupperware tubs’ borrowed from a leisure centre, and on the bikes we rode to work … the sport was in its infancy then!

The sport has moved on since then … fortunately for my bank balance, I’m a bit too old to compete these days. But, grandson Jack does, and he’s quite good at it. So, when the World Triathlon Series came to Leeds, he was there.


In the morning, there was the Sprint Event, in with Jack competed. The swimming was held in Roundhay Park, after which the competitors grabbed their bikes, and raced to the Leeds City Centre, where they ran around it several times.

Jack’s overall position was 125th out of 1550 competitors, and 8th in his age group.


We watched most of this event in the morning; the Elite event, in which the world’s top triathletes competed, happened in the afternoon. We watched that on television, and I formed the opinion that, like motor racing, it’s even better than attending a live event.

The men’s event was won by local lad Alistair Brownlee, with his brother Jonathan close behind.

And, I predict that most of the male children born in Leeds for a considerable time will be called Alistair!

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