Posted by: travelrat | July 18, 2016

Up the Yukon

Skagway 1

Skagway: 10th May 2016

We had a bit of a surprise when we docked at Skagway. At an adjoining berth was moored the ‘Crown Princess’ … which is the ship on which we’ll be sailing on our South America cruise next year. So, when I do my ‘preview piece’, I won’t have to contact their PR people for a photograph.

Crown Princess

There was a train waiting, with vintage ‘clerestory’ carriages, with open platforms at each end, right next to the ship, looking like it may have strayed out of a cowboy film. Some of the passengers were boarding it, but we got on to a bus, which was taking us over the border into Canada, to join the train for the return trip.

The coach driver introduced himself, and requested us to call out if we saw any wildlife, for most of his attention would be on the road ahead. And, no sooner were those words out of his mouth, they were drowned by excited shouts of ‘Bear!!’  … and there was indeed a black bear by the roadside. Alas, by the time we’d drawn alongside, and I could get a decent shot, he’d disappeared into the undergrowth. So, all we have from that encounter was a not very good shot of the rear end of the bear as it shambled off. Still, at least we can say that we saw a bear.


(Lorraine just caught the bear disappearing into the undergrowth. I resisted the temptation to make a crack about ‘bear backsides’!)

As we drove up into the mountains, I thought at first that Tyler, our driver/guide was a bit of a philistine, driving past a multitude of photo ops, but I soon realised that if he’d stopped every time an opportunity presented itself, we’d never get there. And, when he did stop …!!!

Yukon 1

Yukon 2

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