Posted by: travelrat | July 10, 2016

Travel Theme: Indoors

Hare & Hounds

It’s an apocryphal tale, that’s been going around for many years but:

The Colonel was driving around the barracks, when he saw a squad of soldiers, being drilled in the pouring rain. He stopped his car, and called:

‘I say, Sergeant Major! Wouldn’t it be a good idea to get these chaps under cover?’

‘Can’t do that, Sir! Wet weather rehearsal is tomorrow!’

Of course, Sergeant-Majors aren’t anything like as hidebound these days, if indeed they ever were. Besides, most barracks now are on former RAF stations, with cavernous hangars in which all kinds of indoor activity are possible … we once held a full-size archery tournament in one.

It wasn’t always like this. I remember, back in the 60s, reading that the only things to do in the Lake District on a wet day was ‘ … make love, get drunk or go and watch waterfalls’  (I think it was Harry Griffin who said that; if it wasn’t, apologies!)

But, now, there’s much more to do indoors  … in the Lake District, or anywhere else. Exhibitions, sports centres, even shops. But, if shopping isn’t your bag, or you can’t afford it, there’s always the museum. A tip, although not always reliable, is that if the website address ends in, it’s often free.

It could be that museums aren’t your thing, either. Mainly at the seaside, there are amusement arcades … but, personally, I’d rather get wet!

Like Harry Griffin (if it was he) suggested. There’s always the pub, if it’s a nice cosy one, with good beer. If there’s a warm, welcoming fire, that’s a bonus, and if they serve a halfway decent steak and ale pie, that’s perfect.

I might even patronise such an establishment when it isn’t raining, but if the weather is really good, and they have a nice beer garden, I might well forsake the indoors, and just mark it down for the winter.

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