Posted by: travelrat | July 4, 2016

Knaresborough Bed Race

Knaresborough Bed Race-0

Knaresborough: 11th June 2016

‘Would you like to go to Knaresborough to see the Bed Race?’

‘What’s a Bed Race?’

‘Well … a race with beds!’

What it is really is a carnival parade with a difference. Instead of mounting the floats on the back of a truck, or something, they mount it on a bed. But, a bed with a difference. It has a frame, bed ends and a wheel in each corner, and there the resemblance ends. A ‘racing bed’, if you like.

After the procession, the beds are stripped down to basics, a small child placed securely in it, and raced through the streets of Knaresborough, finishing up on the banks of the River Nidd … after they’ve forded it! We didn’t see that bit, though … the parade and the race through the town centre were exciting enough.



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