Posted by: travelrat | July 1, 2016

Rundle Mall

Rundle Mall

They used to call it Rundle Street. When I first visited, in the early 60s, it was, arguably, one of the busiest streets in Adelaide. It ran between East Terrace and King William Street, on the other side of which it became Hindley Street, because, by tradition ‘nobody crosses a King’. This was the street where ‘everything happened’; shops, cinemas, coffee bars (the pubs closed at six, in those days!) and restaurants.

It still is, but the section between Pulteney Street and King William Street has been pedestrianised, and is now the Rundle Mall. Other things have changed, too. I’m not sure if any of the cinemas are still in existence, but some of them have become shopping arcades, selling all manner of stuff … much of which, to be honest, I can’t afford. And, of course, you can now get something other than coffee for your refreshment.

Now, the pleasant thing about Rundle Mall is (the Chamber of Commerce are going to hate me for this!) you don’t have to shop, or even spend any money in order to enjoy it. You can just take a stroll down it, or maybe just sit on one of the many seats available and see what is to be seen. Or, hear what is to be heard … it’s a rare day when several buskers aren’t playing.

Busker, Rundle Mall

There are many sculptures to be admired; probably the best known is the simple arrangement of two reflective spheres. If you have a camera with you, that’s a great opportunity for an unusual ‘selfie’.



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