Posted by: travelrat | June 29, 2016

Alaska Whale Cruise


Juneau: 9th May 2016

We ate breakfast with one eye on our plates and the other out to sea, looking for whales, as we sailed down the Tracy Arm into Juneau.

‘What we should do’ said a fellow passenger ‘is yell ‘Whales’, then when others arrive, pretend we’re arguing about the Six Nations Cup!’

 ‘How’s your swimming?’ I asked!

We did see a few blows and splashes, but we would get a far better view on our excursion; a boat trip from Auke Bay, along the inlet, especially to see whales. And, they were so confident we’d see some that they promised to refund us $100 if we didn’t see any.

But, we did, and not only whales. Sea lions were chilling out on a marker buoy, while more were fighting to get on to it. And, we passed close to Admiralty Island, which, they told us, held the greatest concentration of grizzly bears anywhere. We didn’t see any, though. It was early in the year, and maybe they were still in hibernation?

What we did see was lots of humpback whales, the same kind as those we saw in Queensland in 2010, but we had a slightly better. However, the skipper said he wasn’t allowed to approach too closely, and my cameras couldn’t zoom enough to get really good pictures.

But, who cares? We saw whales … and maybe, one day, I’ll buy a longer lens, or we’ll come across a whale that hasn’t read the rule book, and approaches the boat?

Whale 1


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