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Chirk Castle

Chirk Castle 1

Chirk Castle: 16th April 2016.

Edward I, with his conquering English army came down the Vale of Llangollen in 1295. The Welsh had a castle on top of a nearby hill to guard the valley, but had to retreat from it, destroying it so Edward’s forces couldn’t use it.

But, Edward didn’t want it anyway. He built his own castle, down in the valley at Chirk, to form part of his ‘Ring of Steel’ to keep Wales firmly under his control.

It has a commanding view across what was a rolling, treeless landscape, and a guide pointed out the line of Offa’s Dyke, formerly regarded as the border between the two countries, which runs right through the castle grounds.

(Someone once told me it’s still legal to shoot any Welshman if you find him on the eastern side of the dyke after nightfall … provided you do it with a crossbow. That, I take with a huge spoonful of salt!)

In 1593, the castle was sold to Sir Thomas Myddleton, who adapted it from a purely defensive position to a family home. Descendants of the Myddleton family resided there until 2004, So, over 400 years, the castle was altered almost beyond recognition, and artefacts from over those many years are displayed within the castle, which is now owned by the National Trust.

Chirk Castle is also noted for its extensive gardens, which might be thought not at their best yet. Apart from … yes, you guessed it! ‘ …a host of golden daffodils! ‘

Chirk Castle Gardens


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  1. You are amazing, and this is very beautiful. I love the photographs and your style is superb. Castles are so beautiful and steeped in rich history. Family lineage is through Edward III, so I am always happy when a piece of castle history pops up. Thank you so much for posting your fabulous work.

    • Thanks, Sue! Lots of ‘castle stuff’ on this site & more to come.

      • That is very good to hear. I can hardly wait!

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