Posted by: travelrat | June 20, 2016

The Inside Passage

Inside Passage

Inside Passage: 8th May 2016.

I woke to a wet deck, and wondered if it was due to the weather, or they’d just swabbed the decks? But, it had been cold and windy, with rain overnight. But, we were compensated for the unpromising weather with a magnificent double rainbow!

I passed the day with a quiz and a port lecture. Among the other activities on offer were cooking classes … I felt like giving the chefs one of my own. How to cook bacon! They fry it to a crisp, American style! But, they can be forgiven, for they have HP sauce; little wonder, as it’s made in the Netherlands these days.

(I did find, later, that ‘Canadian-style’ bacon was served at another counter)

We never met the executive chef! On other cruises we’ve been on, he’s been presented to us, alongside the Captain … who we never saw, either. Although I suspect that the gentleman wearing as many rings as an Admiral, who nodded briefly as we passed in a corridor, may have been he.

In the afternoon, we attended a wine-tasting, and tried wines from New Zealand, Chile and the United States. Surprisingly, though, none from the Netherlands. I thought that, the ship being Dutch-registered, they’d have given Apostelheuve a plug.

But, we haven’t had any satay yet,either

Double Rainbow

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