Posted by: travelrat | June 19, 2016

Travel Theme: Stillness

One of my favourite TV commercials was for Glenmorangie Scotch whisky. ‘Glenmorangie’ means ‘Glen of Tranquillity’, and the commercial showed two men sitting in deck chairs, surveying a calm, placid lake. Then, one of them speaks:

‘Why do they call it the ‘Glen of Tranquillity?’


(Mobile phone rings)

(sound of a splash)

2nd man: ‘No idea!’

It may be thought that, to find perfect stillness and silence, you’d have to really trek out into the sticks, but I think the answer is in the time, not the place. Sometimes, you can find it in the evening, but better still is the early morning.

Let’s look at the picture I’m using to illustrate this piece.

Our multi-day river cruise (yes, we do have them in England!) took us down the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, and we moored up at Sharpness for the night. In the morning, I rose early, and took a short walk down the towpath to photograph the nearby Purton Hulks.

When I’d finished, and got back to the boat, I realised I’d forgotten my key. Everyone else was asleep, and I didn’t feel like disturbing anyone to let me in. So, I took a walk along the towpath in the other direction … and beheld these boats, seemingly standing on a gigantic mirror.

After I’d taken my photographs, I sat for a while, just enjoying the silence. Then, a moorhen dived into the water with a resounding ‘plop’ And, just for a minute, I wondered … why did this remind me of a certain whisky commercial?


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