Posted by: travelrat | June 6, 2016

Canada Place and ‘Nieuw Amsterdam’

Canada Place from the Lookout

Vancouver: 7th May 2016

We had breakfast at Frankie’s Italian Restaurant, attached to the Georgian Court Hotel, which doesn’t look very Italian at all, apart from the pictures on the wall. But, the buffet breakfast is good value for money, and set us up nicely for another walk along the False Creek Seawall before taking a taxi to the cruise terminal to board the Nieuw Amsterdam.

That, though, is easier written about than done. When we arrived at Canada Place, where the cruise ships dock, we had to wait (with the meter ticking!) until a lady in a road-mender’s jacket indicated where the taxi should park.

I have to say, though, that Canada Place is extremely well-placed for anyone visiting Vancouver. There are quite a few attractions within walking distance … but those, I’ll tell about later, when we return next week.

The Nieuw Amsterdam is a medium sized ship, and looks pretty good. The food (so far) is delicious and well presented; the only complaint so far is the queue to check in. I suspect, though, that it’s not Holland America’s fault, but the queue at US Border Security. Still, when we eventually got there, we were processed quickly and efficiently, by a smiling, jolly lady, who wished us a pleasant trip.

'Nieuw Amsterdam' at Vancouver

So, we set sail, with snow capped mountains on each side. It looks like it’s going to be quite a trip.

They have an odd method of serving meals in the ‘buffet’ though. They’re laid out buffet-style, but you don’t help yourself; there’s a server behind the counter, rather like in a military mess-hall. But, instead of a server for each item, there’s only one or two, and you have to wait until he’s finished with the people ahead of you before he attends to you.

Which, to my mind anyway, although probably more hygienic, rather defeats the object of having a buffet.

Nieuw Amsterdam

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