Posted by: travelrat | May 27, 2016

Flight to Vancouver

False Creek Ferry

Vancouver: 6th May 2016

A surprise! Our route to Vancouver took us over another country. Not, though, that we can count coup for it, having passed over Greenland at 35,000 feet. But, I did get a photograph. I can at least, say that I’ve seen ‘Greenland’s icy mountains’.


The route took us over the wildest parts of Canada, and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. The Captain announced that we could see the fires at Fort MacMurray, but we were on the wrong side of the aircraft and it seemed somewhat ghoulish to cross over and take pictures. I doubt if we could have got near a window anyway.

But, we did get some superb views as we passed over the Rocky Mountains.

The Georgian Court Hotel is in the centre of what seems to be a clean and vibrant city… but we’re a bit jet lagged at the moment; hopefully, we’ll see more later.

The view from our hotel room was rather restricted by the massive BC Place Stadium, just a short walk beyond it took us to the False Creek seawall. You can see the mountains from street level, but the creek itself is a pleasant view, for the walk passes playgrounds, sculptures and marinas, for boats of all kinds use the creek, especially the charming, dumpy little ferries, which call at various points along the creek.

The pathway is paralleled by a dedicated cycle track, for Vancouver is said to be a very cycle-friendly city … in fact, we found later that complimentary cycle hire can be had from the hotel where we were staying.

It seems the best views of all can be had while driving down the road. Those from the pavement are rather restricted by trees. And, it’s a bit of a risk taking photos while crossing the road.

Vancouver 1

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