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Ljubljana 3

Ljubljana: 10th April 2015.

Finally, we sailed in to Trieste. But, it wasn’t the end of the cruise. We’re overnighting here, and have the opportunity for an excursion before heading for the airport at Venice and home. But, we won’t be touring Trieste. We’re going to Ljubljana … mainly, to tick another country off the list. It’s the capital of Slovenia, and has just taken its place on my very short list of favourite cities.

It’s about a two-hour drive from Trieste, mainly through beautiful countryside … according to the guide, it’s even more beautiful further north. The centre of the city itself is virtually a car-free zone, although a few electric buggies can be seen around the place.

The streets are crowded with boutiques and shops selling more everyday items, as well as countless bars and cafés, most of which have tables outside. Most of these are on broad pedestrian streets, or on the banks of the river.

We had lunch in one of these restaurants, because we wanted to try some Slovenian food specialties. We ordered two different kinds of sausage, but neither was really to our taste. They were eatable, but I really wouldn’t cross town to buy any.

However, it’s unfair to dismiss a country’s entire cuisine on just one meal, so maybe another time?

Usually, a place where I don’t speak a word of the language is outside my comfort zone, but almost everyone here speaks English … and very good English, too. That, and Italian, are compulsory subjects in Slovenian schools.

So, you’re never in doubt that you’re always welcome here,

Ljubljana 2

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