Posted by: travelrat | April 27, 2016

Over to Llangollen

Horseshoe Pass

Ruthin: 16th April 2016.

I woke to what I thought was a misty morning, but when I’d wiped the condensation of the window, I beheld a view of … snow covered hills!

What was going on? It was mid-April, and I hadn’t seen snow anywhere for over a year. We had noted prolific clumps of daffodils on the way up, as is appropriate in Wales, for it’s their national flower. But, in our garden in Salisbury, our daffodils are all but finished, but here they were, ‘ … fluttering and dancing in the breeze …’ and looking like they might be doing so for many weeks to come.

Our first call today would be at Llangollen, and to reach it, you must go over the Horseshoe Pass. And, since the Pass was snow-covered, we just had to stop for a photo call.

Llangollen, of course, causes some of the words of the song ‘Cosher Bailey’ to come to mind:

‘ … and the bees in old Llangollen/ Stand up to their knees in pollen …’

Which isn’t really funny, unless you pronounce ‘pollen’ to rhyme with ‘Llangollen’ as a Welshman would say it!

Llangollen stands near a canal of the same name, also on the main London-Holyhead road, now called the A5, along which you would travel in the olden days if you wanted to go to Ireland. Both of these are the work of the self-educated engineer and architect Thomas Telford.

River Dee, Llangollen

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