Posted by: travelrat | April 24, 2016

Travel Theme: Dazzling

Dazzle 1

What a double-edged word is ‘dazzling’. Advertisers use it a lot, to sell anything from toothpaste to exotic holidays. But, get in your car, and it’s often used with one or two expletives, especially if you’re driving into a setting sun, or the car driving towards you has failed to dip its headlights.

Photographers don’t really like dazzling, either. When you bought that first Instamatic, it came with a stern warning not to shoot into the sun … I think some older folk thought the camera would catch fire if you did. Of course, with practice, it’s possible … but you do have a high failure rate.

So, it’s back to the advertisers … and the realisation that something ‘dazzling’ does not necessarily need to have you reaching for the Ray Bans. Let’s see what we can find in the archives

Dazzle 3

Dazzle 2

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