Posted by: travelrat | April 11, 2016

The Blue Lake

Blue Lake, Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier: 21st November 2015.

 We spent a comfortable night at the Commodore in the Park Hotel at Mount Gambier, and our first call  the following morning was at the famous Blue Lake. Yes, it was blue; bluer than most lakes, but, as the day was rather overcast, probably not as blue as it might have been. That have might been because ‘the book says’ it’s at its best between December and March, and it wasn’t quite December yet!

Several reasons have been put forward for its blueness; most authorities are agreed that it’s ‘something to do with heating the surface layer in the summer months’. But, it doesn’t affect the quality of the water; most of the town’s drinking water comes from there. In fact, some of the manhole covers bear the legend ‘Water is clear when it comes through here’. They sound especially proud of the fact, and I remember that some of the world’s most expensive bottled water is filtered through volcanic rock.

I was rather worried that my camera might not have captured the blue as faithfully as I’d like. Probably looking back to the days of film, when some brands were noticeably inaccurate around the blue range. But, I think I managed all right here.

Manhole cover, Mount Gambier



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