Posted by: travelrat | April 3, 2016

Travel Theme: Refreshing

DSC_0429Aaahhh! Refresh! Even the word is refreshing!

There are two kinds of refreshment. There’s the physical side, which we come across almost every day; just about everything liquid that’s drinkable is touted as ‘refreshing’. Top of my list are Prosecco, apple juice, iced tea, ginger beer .., and, of course, beer, providing it’s served just the way I like it (straight glass; chilled but NOT ice-cold)

Then, there’s the other, more intangible kind, which is one of the reasons we travel. ‘Recharging the batteries’, as some travel agents call it. Maybe you go somewhere you’ve been before, to refresh your memory. Or, maybe it’s somewhere new, to add refreshment in the form of new stuff for the mental databanks. In my case, it’s refreshment for my photo files, which feel a little jaded after some time spent at home. You don’t have to go far, just as long as you can say ‘Hey! It’s Tuesday, and I didn’t go to the library!’ or something.

Even going for a short walk after a morning slaving over a hot computer provides some refreshment. But, I do like to experience something as different from the normal routine as I can.

That’s the surest cure I know for ‘cabin fever’ … and, after the most miserable winter I can remember, I really need the cruise up Alaska’s Inside Passage.

That won’t happen for another month … but that’s bearable. There’s a couple of bottles of ‘Bombardier’ cooling in the fridge as I write. Or, I could just take a shower. According to the label on my shower gel, that’s refreshing, too.

Norwegian Coast

Naturally, I don’t have any pictures of the Inside Passage yet, but I think this one, which I took in Norway a couple of years back, is equally refreshing.

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