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Split: 9th April 2015

The currency of Croatia is the Kuna. But, the guide-books say that the Euro is accepted in some places. The stall where I tried to buy a postcard is not one of those places. When I asked if euros were accepted, she snatched the postcard from me, gave me a look that would have shrivelled a traffic warden and spat something in Serbo-Croat which I assumed meant ‘I’m sorry, we don’t.’  Or, maybe, words to that effect.

But, one place that did accept euros was the ‘Split Vision’ bus tour, which readily took them. Indeed, they were waiting at the bottom of the gangplank when we disembarked the ship. We hadn’t booked an excursion we were just going to see what we could see when we got ashore. The bus seemed as good a way to see the city as any.

So, we were shepherded to the waiting bus; not the usual open-topped one, but an open-sided single decker … I don’t think they’d have got a double-decker through the tunnel on the route. Photography was possible … if the bus wasn’t moving. I often wonder how they arrange it so traffic lights are, in many places, often placed in the most unphotogenic parts of the route.

On the first stage, the bus just took us to the meeting point. The tour would happen later. First, we would do a walking tour of Split’s most famous attraction, Diocletian’s Palace.

Split 3

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