Posted by: travelrat | March 30, 2016

Whale Watching

Humpback Whale, Gold Coast

If you’ve been with me since 2010, you’ll recall our cruise from Queensland’s Gold Coast to see whales. Yes, we saw whales … been there, done that, didn’t buy the T shirt, because it was a bit garish for my tastes. But, what I didn’t do was ‘tick the box’. I wrote at the time there wasn’t any crossing off the list; I’d go on a whale cruise the very next day, if it was offered.

Well, in fact, I had to wait six years … but, when we get to Juneau on our ‘Inside Passage’ cruise in May, we’ve booked a whale-spotting trip. The operators say they’ll refund us $100 if we don’t see any whales, so I’m hoping to get some better photographs and video than I have at present.

And, that’s not all. We’ve already booked our holiday for 2017! We’ll be cruising around South America, and they say there’s a very good chance we’ll see whales as we round Cape Horn.

I wonder if we’ll get close enough to Antarctica to claim we’ve been there? If we do, we can claim to have visited all seven continents!


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