Posted by: travelrat | March 27, 2016

Travel Theme: Sensory

ZS2-Wadi Rum

‘Why travel?’ someone once asked me. ‘These days, you just have to turn on your computer, and you can ‘be’ anywhere you want, without moving from your chair’

I’d disagree. You have five senses; if you see a picture, you only use one of them. If you watch a video, you’ll use two … and that’s it. Touch, taste and smell go unused … although, in the case of ‘smell’, it’s sometimes a good idea.

Maybe, if you have a vivid imagination, I could show you a picture of a juicy steak, or something, and you might say you can just about taste it. But, only ‘just about’.

I’m trying to avoid the phrase ‘My words and pictures can do it no justice. You have to be there’ because it’s becoming almost a personal cliché. Although, even if you go there, you’ll sometimes find that not all senses are brought into play. But, if they do, you’ll never forget it.

Even though our trip to Jordan happened 15 years ago, I still have memories of that night we camped in Wadi Rum. The starlit sky; the murmur of prayers from the Bedouin party camped nearby; the lamb kebabs and the coffee, cooked by our guide on a fire of fragrant juniper twigs, and the feel of the sand.

That last, I could have done without; to sleep on, it’s damn’ hard!



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  1. Nice photo

  2. I quite agree. There’s no substitute for the actual travel, getting out and about, smelling the wild flowers on the mountainside, being drenched by spray as you ride the waves, relaxing in a field of flowers, or walking over ruins in Rome as I was doing last week, in a downpour. It’s like live theatre versus televisiion – no comparison.

  3. Plus, there’s the fun of talking with local people, finding out how they think, act and feel.

  4. Excellent points both! I remember trying out one of the first ‘climbing walls’ (koff! koff!) years ago, and saying there was just no comparison with the ‘real thing’.

    (I then went on to say ‘They’ll never catch on’; I was dead wrong there!)

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