Posted by: travelrat | March 21, 2016

The End of the Road … but not the Trip.

Port Fairy

Great Ocean Road: 20th November 2015.

Considering that the name ‘Fairy Penguin’ is now frowned upon, I wonder when those responsible will turn their attentions towards Port Fairy? The town was originally so called, it is said, after the sealer Fairy found shelter from a storm here in the 1820s. However, when a settlement was established around here 20 years later, it was called ‘Belfast’ … the name was changed to Port Fairy by an Act of Parliament in 1887.

The town is relatively unspoilt, and there’s some good, photographable architecture here. (I was going to say ‘a step back in time’, but I thought that would be too much of a cliché)

Journeying westward, we stopped at a cheese factory and museum. They showed us around the shop, where we tasted samples of cheese, and were at pains to explain that not all Australian cheese is plastic-wrapped plastic. The museum was interesting, too, but the main reason was to meet Pierre, one of Jeremy’s business partners, who was driving another bus. This would convey two of our group, who had only signed up for the two-day tour, back to Melbourne.

The rest of us would continue, past the end of the Great Ocean Road at the Victoria/South Australia border, and to Mount Gambier, where we would stay the night, and head for Adelaide the following day.

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