Posted by: travelrat | March 20, 2016

Travel Theme: Late


‘If you’re in before the Boss, you’re not late’ (RAF saying)

When I’m away from home, I make a point of not saying how much I paid for my tour/flight/accommodation/cruise/whatever. Or asking anyone else what they paid for theirs. Because, I’m either going to hack someone off, or get hacked off myself.

You see, prices vary wildly. You might get an ‘early booking’ discount, or you could score a sweet ‘last minute’ deal. The latter is, in my experience, the better price.

But, once you’ve made your booking, ‘late’ is a word you must, usually, delete from your vocabulary. Haven’t we all had a glare at the party who arrive ten minutes after the coach is due to depart? And, if you happen to be cruising, you might discover the truth of the saying ‘Time and tide wait for no man’!

At the airport departure lounge, it may be thought that to arrive early gives no advantage. Unless you’re flying with a ‘budget’ airline, your seat is already assigned, and you’re going to get to your destination at the same time as everyone else. But, I’d suggest only try this if you have minimal hand luggage, for you may find all the space in the overhead bins taken.

Arriving at your accommodation, though, you may find that late is good, if you’re in a group. If you go for a cup of coffee, or even a meal first, you might find that the crush has thinned out considerably when you get to the reception desk.

If there’s one thing that really gets under my toenails, though, it’s the habit of being ‘fashionably late’ … arriving after the start of dinner or a concert or something. The conductor André Rieu had a great put-down for such people. He once told a party of late-comers at one of his concerts:

‘We came all the way from Holland, but we got here on time!’

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  1. I agree re flight prices. If you bought your ticket at the price you were prepared to pay then you got the best deal you could. Sometimes we pay more because we have to travel at a particular time. Other times we wait for a deal before deciding where to go. Who cares if someone gets a cheaper price? Good on them, I say.

    • At the moment, we’re besieged with ads offering packages at a considerable discount ‘ if you book by 31st March’. These are usually for holidays in 2-3 years’ time! We’re both in our 70s, and don’t want to plan that far ahead. But, we’ve picked up some pretty sweet ‘last minute’ deals, and think that’s usually the way to go.

      • Oh good grief. We’re in our 50s and whilst we might talk about where we might go in 2 or 3 years we’d never book anything that far ahead. Long term holiday planning for me is more than 6 months in advance. This year I booked in January for October. That’s about as good as it’s ever likely to get.

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