Posted by: travelrat | March 18, 2016

Ashore at Katakolon


Katakolon: 8th April 2015

This time, we found a little more in Katakolon than we’d seen on previous visits.. You could take a trip by a horse-drawn wagonette, but we passed on that. The horse we saw seemed to be in rather poor condition. It looked to be not much bigger than a pony, but was pulling a rig more suitable to a draught horse, or maybe two horses.

Katakolon 3

Another addition is the land train, similar to the ones seen in most Mediterranean resorts. It offers a 30 minute trip, taking in the Mercouris winery and the Ayios Andreas beach.

The winery, you may remember, was the saving grace of our first visit; they make excellent wine, and are generous with their free samples. Or, they were in 2004 … this time, we just stopped long enough to take some photos. We could, if we wished, have got off to make another visit, and ‘hopped on’ a later train, but time was rather tight.

So, on we went to the beach. Katakolon itself has no real beach to speak of, but this one isn’t far away. But, again, we stayed on the train … it looked tempting, but it wasn’t quite beach weather.

The trip ended at a real railway station. The narrow gauge service around the Peloppenese has been out of service for some time, but I heard that, about five years ago, they reinstated the service from Katakolon to the Olympic site. But, it appeared disused and abandoned. Has it once more been closed for good, or hasn’t it opened for the season yet? I remember, in many Greek resorts, the ‘season’ doesn’t start until Easter … and the Greek Orthodox Easter falls later than ours.

Another development is that most, if not all of the waterfront bars now offer free wifi. But, it’s been ten years since our last visit, and wifi hadn’t been invented back then.

Katakolon 4


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