Posted by: travelrat | March 14, 2016

London Bridge Has Fallen Down!

London Arch

Great Ocean Road: 20th November 2015.

Another feature of this spectacular coastline is the London Arch. Originally, this formation was called  London Bridge, and was a peninsula undercut by two sea-worn arches, which did resemble the twin arches of its namesake. But, like the London Bridge of the song, it fell down in January 1990, when one of its arches collapsed, fortunately without any casualties. But, it marooned a couple of tourists, who had to be lifted off the new island by helicopter.

There were still more outlying stacks at the Bay of Martyrs, so called because a party of Aborigines are said to have been massacred here, and the Bay of Islands.

Although Australia boasts the fact that it’s the only continent with no active volcanos (whoever made that claim obviously doesn’t count New Zealand as part of the continent!) but there’s plenty of evidence of their former existence around here. It was an eruption 30,000 years ago that formed the crater lake, around which the Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve, Victoria’s first National Park as far back as 1892, and declared a State Game Reserve in 1961.

However, the only wildlife we saw were some emus crossing the road. I know you can see that just about anywhere outside the cities … but there were people on the bus who hadn’t seen an emu before. Indeed, I hadn’t seen one for a while!



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