Posted by: travelrat | March 13, 2016

Travel Theme: Creative


Creative! That’s a nasty one! It could mean a lot of things, mostly complimentary … but, recently, the term ‘creative accounting’ has sort of crept in, as a euphemism for what used to be called ‘fiddling the books’.

Examples of true creativity are all around us, though, and I thought I might point up the little-known example of Edward Robinson, and his Miniature Village. Edward lives in Flookburgh, an out-of-the way fishing village in Cumbria. Few people go there, or even know about it; I only know it because my Dad lived in a care home there.

Miniature Village

Anyway, in 1992, Mr. Robinson was diagnosed with ME, and started to build miniature houses in his garden as therapy. He’s managed to reproduce typical Cumbrian houses, including recognisable ones such as Beatrix Potter’s Hill Top, Yew Tree Farm, the Baddeley Clock and the Bridge House at Ambleside. He seldom uses plans or drawings, but, using the same locally-sourced materials as the houses themselves would have used, he’s made faithful replicas using eye alone.

The whole thing is laid out in the back garden … some of which has been laid out as a Japanese garden. That’s something that might be thought a little incongruous in proximity to those rough, practical stone dwellings, but it does work surprisingly well.

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  2. A very charming little village. The detail in the Cathedral and the stone cottages is impressive.

    • What a lovely idea, to give some publicity to this ‘amateur’ creative man and his miniature village. It would be well worth a detour if one were in the area. Charming!

  3. It would love to take a look around. There is a mini Tudor village in the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne, but is not as detailed as your mini village.

  4. That’s pretty amazing! Such a beautiful miniature village.

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