Posted by: travelrat | March 11, 2016

Katakolon Revisited

Katakolon 2

Katakolon 2004

Katakolon: 8th April 2015

We were only in Katakolon for a morning, and the only excursion on offer was a visit to the Olympic site. That’s really the only reason for a cruise port in this area of the Pelopennese peninsula. We didn’t go, for we’ve visited Katakolon twice before, and we’ve already seen it. And, to be truthful, we didn’t think much of it.

It doesn’t give a very good impression of Greece to someone visiting the country for the first time, and landing here. Trust me, there are other parts of the country which are much better.

The first time we visited, we thought we were being taken to the Olympic Site. True, we did see it … but only from a layby by the side of the road. We were taken to the Olympic Village, which is just a complex of souvenir shops. The tour was, however, saved from total disaster by a visit to the Mercouris Winery, where we had a good lunch, and some of their delicious wine … which led me to the conclusion that the Greeks have managed to convince the world that retsina is the wine of choice, so they can keep the good stuff for themselves.

Our second visit wasn’t very notable, either; just a browse around the shops, inspection of a miniscule beach and a drink in a seafront café. But, what sticks out for me on that occasion was seeing a horse being dragged down the street, back to its stables, presumably, by a man in a car.

Fortunately … or I might have finished up in jail … I was too far away to do much about it.

So, we weren’t expecting much from Katakolon. In fact, I don’t think we would have even gone ashore, except that I was looking for free wifi. But, it was nearly ten years since our last visit. Would much have changed since then?


Katakolon 2006 



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