Posted by: travelrat | March 4, 2016

Inside ‘Costa Mediterranea’


Although we’ve now left Italy behind in a geographical sense, it is, in a way, still with us, and has been ever since we boarded at faraway Guadeloupe three weeks ago. This, remember, is an Italian ship. That doesn’t seem to be to everyone’s taste, though; a fellow passenger grumbled to me about the food … pasta with everything, and never any chips.


I wanted to say … why the Freaky Nell did you come on this ship, then? Why didn’t you cruise with P&O, or Thomson or somebody? But, I didn’t … I just said I was going to the toilet and didn’t come back.


Maybe it’s just the fact I’m a fan of all things Italian, but Costa remains my favourite cruise line so far. And, here’s video … showing how even ‘At Sea’ days can be fun.



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