Posted by: travelrat | February 28, 2016

Travel Theme: Early

Sunrise at UluruFor me, ‘Up with the lark’ is a meaningless cliché. Because, I’ve usually risen, dressed, had my breakfast and written a blog post by the time the lark is deciding whether or not to have another ten minutes.

I suppose it’s to do with having been in the military for so long … plus, I found that if I went in to work even a little early, I could get a lot done, with few distractions.


I’ve always preferred sunrise over sunset … you usually have a better chance of actually seeing it! When we went to Uluru a couple of years ago, the ‘sunset on the Rock’ turned out to be a bit of a damp squib. Whereas the sunrise the following morning … many people turned out to video the first light on the rock; a few people also photographed the people photographing the sunrise, and some of us even photographed the sunrise itself.

Sunrise Uluru_copy

On a cruise we were on early last year, I photographed a lot of sunrises, but not a lot of sunsets; usually, we were at dinner when they happened, although we did get one that had diners abandoning their meals, and dashing out on deck with cameras and Iphones. Even the maitre d’ was there.

But, sunrises! I got several good ones and, at that time of morning, had the ship almost to myself.

This week’s contribution the the Travel Theme. If you want to see if anyone else gets up this early. go to

Sunrise 2

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