Posted by: travelrat | February 21, 2016

Travel Theme: Abstract

Ancient Technology 2

Abstract. That’s a difficult one. You see, ‘abstract’ is different things to different folks. Maybe it’s just everyday things that have arranged themselves into a pleasing pattern. Or, it could be the same everyday thing photographed from an unusual angle … even unusual enough to have someone asking ‘What is that?’

Abstract 3

Or, it could be just random shapes that can become anything you like. I heard of a little girl asked what kind of wallpaper she wanted when her bedroom was redecorated. ‘Same as I have now; the pretty one with butterflies’. Now, what she had was paper with an abstract pattern … but she saw butterflies. Maybe another person would see something else?

Abstract 2

Abstract is all around us; indeed, there are some sects of all three religions who believe a picture of anything recognisable falls into the ‘graven image’ category. So, I’ve spent an afternoon trawling through my archives looking for what I would call ‘abstract’. I fully accept that others might not agree … but I like them.

This week’s contribution to the Travel Theme. More at 4T


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