Posted by: travelrat | February 3, 2016

Are We There Yet … ??

Geelong 3

Great Ocean Road: 19th November 2015

Some people think that the Great Ocean Road begins as soon as you’re out of Melbourne. It actually starts near Torquay, which is about 60 miles south of the city.

On the way, we paid a short call to the seaside town of Geelong, and strolled along the promenade, admiring the sculptures which appeared at intervals. They resembled old-fashioned clothes pins, but were painted to represent a sort of cross-section of Geelong’s citizenry.

Split Point 1

We stopped for coffee at the Split Point lighthouse … we bought ‘coffee to go’, and strolled with it to a look-out beyond the lighthouse, from which there’s an excellent view of the coast, and a good foretaste of things to come. The cliffs, and the presence of the lighthouse gave some indication of why this stretch is sometimes known as the Shipwreck Coast.

Split Point 2

There was no distinct start to the route; the only indication we had were the brown signs telling us that we were on the Great Ocean Road, rather than pointing the way to it. But, to remove all doubt, Jeremy told us.

Some way along the road, though, there’s an arch confirming that you are indeed on the road, but it doesn’t mark the start. It commemorates the ex-servicemen who built the road, in memory of their fallen comrades, and there’s also a bronze statue to them nearby.




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