Posted by: travelrat | January 31, 2016

Travel Theme: Gloss

Lacquer furniture

I don’t really like ‘gloss’. Maybe it’s due to ‘Corporal MacNasty’, back in the far-off days of basic training:

‘I don’t want to see gloss! I want to see a deep-down SHINE! It shows me you’ve worked at it!’

‘Patina’ is a word which springs to mind here, but that’s something you’d rarely see, unless you have an army of servants dedicated to polishing your floors, furniture or boots.

So, then, I’ve come to regard something ‘glossy’ as shallow and meretricious. These days, I think of the ‘glossies’; those lightweight magazines devoted to the doings of the ‘famous for being famous’. Now, these days most, if not all magazines are printed on glossy paper. But, they’re not all glossies. The Editor of one magazine I once contributed to used to take great exception if anyone referred to her publication as a ‘glossy’!

However, it was a photographic magazine, so could it be printed on anything else but ‘glossy’ paper? ‘Shiny’ doesn’t quite cut it here!

Actually, I prefer photographs on matt paper; this is what I used to request when I sent pictures away for printing. Now, though, I use glossy, because, with that, it’s easier to get the paper the right way up in the printer.

When I buy paint for my walls, I usually go for matt. Except for the bathroom and the kitchen … but, does anyone know a word which can describe this paint instead of ‘glossy’?

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