Posted by: travelrat | January 27, 2016

Great Ocean Road: The Start

The Arch

Melbourne: 19th November 2015

 I am now convinced. A road trip is still a road trip even if you’re not driving. There were eight of us, in a minibus with Jeremy, a friendly, talkative and informative driver/guide who took us along the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide.

But, Jeremy Redmond is more than a guide. He’s a director and part-owner of Australian National Treasures Touring, which operates small-group tours to different destinations; Aboriginal Art and Culture, through wildlife to food and wine. And, of course, the Great Ocean Road.

The road was conceived in the 1920s to provide employment for soldiers returning from WWI . Although intended from the outset as a scenic, tourist route, for which users had, originally, to pay a toll, did join together quite a few fishing and logging towns which had previously only been accessible by sea or over the mountains.

I’m slightly reminded here of the south coast of Crete were, even today, the only way out of some villages is by boat or on foot.

Another advantage … to us, anyway … was that, unlike the coach that took us to Phillip Island, Jeremy had no problem getting his minibus down Little Collins Street, and picked us up right at the hotel door. Just a couple more stops to pick up some other passengers, and we were on our way.

The Bus

If this kind of tour is your thing, we highly recommend this company. You’ll find details at 



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