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Portofino 3

Portofino: 5th April 2015

Much of the way to Portofino was by autostrada. I thought at first it confirmed my view that much of the Italian motorway system is underground … then I remembered we’ve only been on the Genoa-Savona stretch before. It’s necessary there, because the Appenine Mountains run right down to the coast. The bits between the hills do offer some great views, though. And, the road does ‘surface’ after only a little while.

After we left the autostrada, we fought our way through the Easter traffic jams to eventually arrive at Santa Margarita with the bus, remarkably, intact. The bus can proceed beyond Santa Margarita only with great difficulty. Although Santa Margarita is worth a visit in its own right, it’s here we took a ferry, which took us along the peninsula to Portofino.

Once, it was just a simple fishing village, but its difficulty of access made it a favoured place for the ‘rich and famous’ to take their ease. They’re still here, and some of the boutiques are of the ‘if you need to ask the price, you can’t afford it’ variety. But, now, it receives tourists, too … although, thankfully, there’s no air of ‘Joe Plush lives there, and he paid X million euros for it’ as there sometimes is in similar places.

But, how to describe the place, with its pastel-coloured houses grouped round a little harbour? A colourful jigsaw come to life, maybe, for scenes like this are great favourites of the manufacturers of such. I had a strong feeling of deja-vu here … then I remembered it’s the background wallpaper for one of my computer games.

Words can do it scant justice. Fortunately, I also have pictures and video … you’ll see the video next week

Portofino 2



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