Posted by: travelrat | January 11, 2016

The Race


Savona: 5th April 2015

Our short stop at Marseille broke up what would have been a succession of ‘At Sea’ days. Since these days coincided with Easter, one morning, we found a rather nice decoration on our cabin door.

One of the exports of Marseille is soap … in French, savon, and it’s from this product that Savona takes its name, for it was once the principal port for its import to Italy. Nowadays, it’s the home port for Costa Cruises, and we were accompanied on the way in by Costa Fascinosa and Costa Fortuna. Both ships overtook us, which delayed our docking by an hour.

The Race

Which I thought rather disappointing. Since all three Captains were Italian, I thought they’d make more of a race of it!

Maybe Costa deal with their ships in alphabetical order?

We didn’t know it at the time, but some of the passengers on the Fascinosa had been killed or injured in the terrorist attack in the Bardo Museum, in Tunis. Fortuna, you may remember, was in Guadeloupe at roughly the same time as we were, and had accompanied us across the Atlantic.

I really think the name Costa Fortuna ought to qualify as a ‘silly sign’. The London office of Costa Cruises did advise at the time that the name might cause some mirth in the English-speaking world, but they went ahead anyway. And we laughed … although it doesn’t really ‘cost a fortune’ to sail in her!

This is the third time we’ve visited Savona, but we never saw much of it. Each time, we were straight on to the ship on arrival. We didn’t see much of it this time, either. We booked an excursion to Portofino.

'Fortuna' and 'Fascinosa' Savona


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