Posted by: travelrat | December 31, 2015

A Garden, A Tram and a Cathedral.

Tudor Village, Fitzroy Gardens

Melbourne: 16th November 2015

After we visited Cook’s Cottage, we still had a bit of time to kill before lunch, and catching the coach to Phillip Island. But, there’s plenty to do … and, from here on in, it didn’t cost a penny, apart from the lunchtime pie.

Also in Fitzroy Gardens is the miniature Tudor village, presented by the borough of Lambeth, in London, to acknowledge the gifts of food from the state of Victoria during and immediately after World War II. Well, it’s rather more like we imagine a Tudor village used to be, but very pleasant, anyway. I half-expected to see a miniature Inspector Barnaby scurrying around, trying to solve the latest Midsomer Murder.

Not far from Fitzroy Gardens stands St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Like Liverpool, Melbourne has two cathedrals; the other one, St Paul’s, stands in Federation Square, overshadowed by the development around it. But, St. Patrick’s, the Roman Catholic one, hasn’t quite been dwarfed yet, and still manages to just struggle to the skyline. The inside is just as imposing as the grand exterior, and the beautiful East window has to be seen from the inside to be believed.

St Patrick's Cathedral

I’ve said several times that the way to orient yourself in a strange city is to take an open-top bus tour. But, for a change, we took a tram. Melbourne is famous for its tram network, and, within the Central Business District, they’re free. Around the CBD runs the circular Route 35, always served by a vintage tram, with a commentary for the benefit of visitors.

The views aren’t as good as the ones from an open-topped bus … but this tram, too, is also free!

A couple of things I forgot to add here: there’s some video of the tram at   and … much more importantly … Happy New Year to all my readers and followers! 

Meltram 4

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