Posted by: travelrat | December 17, 2015


Ile d'If, Marseille

Marseille: 4th April 2015.

We only had a short stay in Marseille; not really long enough to see everything that there is to see. In fact, I was starting to get angry because we spent a lot of time just sitting in the coach waiting for latecomers. At one stage, we waited for 15 minutes outside the Cathedral, and I really think we should have been allowed off the coach to photograph its beautiful, two-tone ‘streaky bacon’ stonework.

We did stop on the Corniche, to view the Ile d’If, made famous by Alexandre Dumas, and the memorial to the Colonial troops killed in the war. It bears the Muslim crescent and star … ‘lying on its back’ as it were, similar to the city arms of Portsmouth. I wonder if there’s any connection?

Then, we climbed a steep hill, where narrow roads led to the Basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde. Since it was getting close to Easter, many pilgrims flocked there, to mingle with the tourists, some of whom were there to admire the Basilica; others, to just take in the extensive views.

We were then allowed ‘free time’, to wander round the Old Port and browse the market, which was dominated by stalls selling seafood of all kinds … including live lobsters and crabs.

Seafood Market, Marseille



  1. Did you make it to Palais Longchamp? I haven’t been, but it looks lovely!

    Also, I just noticed that your page is ‘snowing’! Is this a feature that I miss out on, living in Australia?!

    • No, I’m afraid not; I shall earmark it in case we call at Marseille again. Maybe we’ll do our own thing instead of sitting in a coach waiting for discourteous people who can’t tell the time (I’m ashamed to admit they were English!)

      Re the snow … it’s something that WordPress do each Christmas. You have to enable it, but since it happens automatically when you do, I can’t remember how!

  2. I love Marseilles and was lucky enough to spend 4 days there a few years ago where I ate the best bouillabaisse I’d ever eaten and visited the Chateau d’If. My take on the city is at .

    I like your snow and am about to ‘enable’ it on my site – if I can. I seem to make so many mistakes when I try to change things on here – like lots of my articles don’t drop down from the Menu when I put them in the Category I want.

    • Someone once told me that Marseille is the only place you can get bouillabaisse; everywhere else, it’s just fish stew! Have a happy Christmas!

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