Posted by: travelrat | November 8, 2015

Travel Theme: Luminous

Lum 1

I nearly didn’t do a post for ‘Travel Theme’ this week. The theme is ‘Luminous’ … which I thought would be a difficult thing to write about, or picture. But, I really should do something anyway, for I’ll be away for the next month, and won’t be able to contribute anything.

I had a look in my dictionary, and realised that ‘luminous’ is not always a synonym of ‘phosphorescent’. It can just mean ‘of light’, taken from the Latin word lumen … light. The Greek word for light is photos, from which we get many words, like photography.

So, this post is going to be more in the nature of a photo essay. All these pictures were taken after dark.

Now, I often see a spectacle where the light is the thing, with flashes popping off on every quarter. Usually, the flash is useless in such conditions; the tool of choice is a tripod, But, all is not lost if you didn’t bring one. You can usually find a wall or a rail or something to steady your camera as you shoot.

And maybe, you might have a steady enough hand to hand-hold the camera long enough to produce a satisfactory result. Enough of the talk, though; let’s make with the pictures.

To see more takes on the ‘Luminous’ theme, visit

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