Posted by: travelrat | November 1, 2015

Travel Theme: Frame

Aqueduct 1

Long before the camera was invented, an artist called Claude Loraine invented the Claude glass. This was a framed mirror, with which the viewer could see his surroundings, without his gaze falling on their ‘awesome grandeur’, and also fitting them neatly into a frame, with which the people of the Regency age felt more comfortable. Even people weren’t immune; in certain circles, they might find themselves scrutinised through a ‘quizzing glass’. Which shows how manners have changed, too. If anyone subjected me to such a scrutiny, I’d probably toss him through the nearest window.

But … let’s not mock just yet. How often are people accused of ‘seeing the world through a camera viewfinder’? I try not to, but I can’t emphatically say ‘I don’t!’.

S3-JerashApart from that, we aren’t that worried these days about seeing that ‘awesome grandeur’ at first hand. We sometimes see actors who play photographers on television ‘making frames’ with their fingers … although I don’t do it, and I don’t think I know any photographers who do.

We do, however, use frames in photography, whether an actual one around the finished product or within the photograph itself … that is, a peep through a window, a doorway or an arch or something, even a glimpse through the trees. But, it has to be remembered that too ornate a frame can draw attention from the main subject.

In this case … why not disregard the subject, and concentrate on the frame itself?

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Domaine St Raymond ... interior

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