Posted by: travelrat | October 29, 2015


Penguin 1

I was reading a blog post from someone who recently visited South Africa, telling about some of the wildlife he’d seen. Someone had left a comment:

‘Penguins in Africa? Surely not!’

But, of course, there are; in fact, there are more outside Antarctica than there are on it. Although they’re confined to the Southern Hemisphere, the northernmost extent of their range is the Galapagos Islands, just south of the Equator.

So, they’re found in Africa, South America, New Zealand and … Australia.

One of the items on our list is, while we’re in Melbourne, to take a tour down to Phillip Island to see the nightly Penguin Parade. I say ‘nightly’, because the kind of penguin we’re dealing with here in the Little Blue Penguin (we’re told they’re not called ‘Fairy Penguins’ any more) … the smallest penguins of all. By day, they’re out at sea, feeding, and only return to their burrows at dusk.

We’ve visited penguin burrows by daylight, on Kangaroo Island and on Granite Island, mainly on the off-chance of spotting the odd penguin who doesn’t read Wikipedia, but only saw holes in the ground.

I’m not hoping for great things in the way of photography or video, for the tours happen at dusk, always led by a Ranger, and use of flash is sternly forbidden. But, I shall try.

I have photographs, though … taken by daylight, at various zoos and aquaria. However, they’re not the same as pictures taken in the wild.

Penguin 2


  1. great write up.informative too.

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