Posted by: travelrat | October 20, 2015

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Tenerife 1

Tenerife: 31st March 2015

In Tenerife, the harbour area of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is dominated by the Auditorio. Its unusual reminded me of the film Free Willy, from which I learned that the dorsal fin of a captive orca flops over like that, instead of standing upright.

And, when we got ashore, we were besieged by taxi drivers wanting to take us to Loro Parque. Loro is Spanish for ‘parrot’, and this used to be the main theme of the park … but I learned they keep an orca in captivity, and therefore I won’t have anything to do with it.

We didn’t do a tour, because we’ve been here before. The original plan was just to stroll along the promenade at Santa Cruz. But, just as we left the cruise terminal, the first thing we saw was the familiar red, open-topped bus of City Sightseeing.

So, we ‘hopped on’, and did their City Tour. Santa Cruz is a bit wanting in ‘old’ architecture; if you want that, you should take a bus or tram to La Laguna, which used to be the island’s capital when this was just a sleepy fishing port.

There’s plenty of modern stuff, though. The Maritime Park … really, just a lido … was designed by Cesar Manrique, who we ‘met’ come years ago on Lanzarote, and had his distinctive stamp on it.

Of course, we visited the Auditorio, which looks like Tenerife’s attempt to outdo the Sydney Opera House. At a cafeteria here, we had a reasonably priced lunch …un Coca-cola, un cafe solo y dos bocadillos de jamon y queso … I’m going to have to learn some more Spanish food words; one cannot live on ham and cheese sandwiches alone!

Auditorium, Tenerife

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