Posted by: travelrat | October 11, 2015

Travel Theme: Paint

Paint 2

This week’s travel theme is ‘paint’, and I nearly started a rant about how much I hate painting. It’s got to be done from time to time, though, if chez nous is not to look too shabby. But, that isn’t really ‘travel’.

Even when we’re out and about, paint is all around us. Maybe you might visit an art gallery or two on your travels? Two of them stick in my mind; the Mauritshuis in the Hague, home of Vermeer’s famous Girl with the Pearl Earring … which really must be seen, for no postcard or photograph can possibly reproduce those delicate colours. The second was in Maastricht, where we’d gone to see an Andre Rieu concert, and, just by chance, came upon an exhibition of paintings by his son, Marc.

There, we met the artist himself, and exchanged a few words with him. Shaking the hand that shook the hand, I believe it’s called.

We can see another kind of painting all around us, almost everywhere we go. For years, I’ve pondered the question … when does graffiti become ‘street art’?

Street art, for me, comes in two kinds. There is that which is condoned, sometimes even commissioned by the authorities and there’s the unofficial sort, which springs up overnight, but is, nevertheless, quite pleasing. Indeed, the ‘city fathers’ are sometimes quite content to let it be.

The conclusion I reached was that, if it’s pleasing, and I like it, it’s street art. Graffiti is just a series of meaningless squiggles, the meaning of which is only known to a select few. This kind of thing, I have no time for at all; I once likened it to a dog marking his territory by peeing on every vertical surface he comes across.

Paint 1

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