Posted by: travelrat | October 6, 2015

It’s Not All Plain Sailing.

At Sea: 25th March 2015

This was the first of six ‘At Sea’ days, before we could reach Tenerife. All went well through the night then, at around 10am, Ciara, the English-speaking hostess, with whom we were speaking at the time, said she had to leave us to deal with a medical emergency involving one of the English-speaking passengers.

Shortly afterwards, it was announced that the ship was turning back to the West Indies to disembark the sick passenger and, around dinner time, the ship was within helicopter range, and the sick passenger evacuated.

I’d read of a similar incident before the cruise. Someone on social media had complained about the ‘company policy’, but further research led me to believe it’s nothing to do with that. A fairly reputable site stated that international maritime law stipulates that a passenger requiring hospitalisation MUST be disembarked at the nearest available port.

But, this couldn’t have happened at a worse time. The helicopter couldn’t take the passenger’s wife, and the next call would be Tenerife, in six days’ time. So, I only hope they had travel insurance adequate enough to cover the horrendous costs that would have been involved.

We later heard that, sadly, the patient had passed away … and no insurance in the world could reimburse her for that!

We’re back on course now, and Ciara told us the cruise shouldn’t be affected, as the Atlantic crossing was such a long leg, it would be possible to make up the time. And, they did! According to the ship’s ‘howgozit’ screen in the main foyer, we were cracking along at ‘top of the green’ most of the time. And, we arrived at Tenerife right on schedule.

Sunrise 2

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