Posted by: travelrat | October 4, 2015

Travel Theme: Intense

This week’s travel theme is ‘Intense’, and that’s a rather difficult one, for I find it hard to write about that subject without descending into a grammar-police-style rant.

You see, although it’s a good word at the moment, it could, if overused, or worse, misused, it could become a meaningless cliché.

Like ‘awesome’

Do any reading, or listen to anyone speaking, and everything from the Great Barrier Reef to the latest album from some famous-for-being-famous nonentity is ‘awesome’. Which doesn’t do the Great Barrier Reef any favours … that really is awesome.

Another thing the Great Barrier Reef is, though, is ‘intense’ … in the true sense of the word. Alas, I can’t capture those intense colours without more sophisticated (and expensive) photographic equipment than I possess at the moment.

So, I’ll just make myself a coffee (‘intense’ flavour, it says here!) and try to find some pictures with equally intense colour in them.



This week’s contribution to ‘Travel Theme’ …


  1. Nice colors

    • Thanks!

  2. What a beautiful town! Nice shots!

    • Kinsale, near Cork. Famous for colour and seafood!

  3. That second photo though… wowza!

    • That one was taken in Ireland. I often wonder if I could get such a vivid colour past our ‘planning neddies’ … or my wife! 😀

      • Haha, can’t hurt to try!

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